Fashion on 5th is The New School Free Press’ fashion column showcasing the student’s best and most unique looks of the week.

Zeli Castill (@zeli_weli_meli), a sophomore at Parsons majoring in Integrated Design, wore a pair of blue overalls from Goodwill with a long black jacket. Underneath her overalls, she showed off a New School Black Student Union (BSU) hoodie. “BSU is going to the annual Black Solidarity Conference, so I wore this BSU hoodie to [show] people where I’m coming from.” She accessorized her outfit with rings, bracelets, earrings, and a nose ring from Body Candy, which she described as her “go-to pair of jewelry.”

Malath Kamaluldeen (@malathcherie), a sophomore Design and Technology student at Parsons, dressed in a purple sweater, blue jeans, and a long fur coat to face the cold weather. “This is the only coat I wear because it makes me feel nice,” she said. Along with her outfit for the day, she had on rings, a white purse, and a pair of patent leather Doc Marten boots. Underneath her sweater, she had on a mesh black shirt, she “likes mixing things that are very traditionally classy and things that don’t really work with it, so a lot of revealing clothing.” Kamaludeen said.

Grant Kessler (@grant_kessler) is a junior at Lang, majoring in Journalism and Design. He wore a pair of tan pants, a grey jacket with another blue jacket underneath, and brown cowboy boots. His jackets and backpack feature pins and other items he customized the pieces with, such as a paperclip zipper on the blue coat. When asked what inspired his look, Grant explained, “I like rock music, those are my heros, so I feel like watching them.” Almost his entire outfit was from various vintage and thrift stores in the area, which he described as his “go-to” when shopping for new clothes. “I haven’t bought a new [non-thrifted] garment in years.”

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Phillip Zuccaro (@_phlip), a junior at Lang majoring in Contemporary Music, sported a pair of blue suit pants, white graphic t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. He paired his outfit with a pair of tan boots that he got from Rags-A-Gogo on 14th street, and a black belt which he said is his favorite belt. “This is the clothing that I have so I just put it on this morning. It usually works,” he said of his look. Phillip describes his style as “Vintage” and “70’s-ish” and also mentioned his love for color. “I like colorful stuff. I think black is good but sometimes it can be a little too easy to just throw together,” he said. “[Color] shows a little more intentionality.”

Cem Akdeniz (@cemakde) is a senior at Parsons majoring in Integrated Design and Photography. He wore a pair of blue jeans, which he said are actually his mom’s jeans, a black shirt, and a black jacket on top. The jacket is reversible, one side is leather and the other is fur. He described his style as “daring, but in a subtle way.” His outfit also featured a black purse and a pair of black sunglasses to complete the look.

Ata Kurt, a Fashion Design junior at The New School, showed off his high-end fashion taste. He dressed in black jeans and a black sweater, with a long leopard-print fur coat. “I mostly like major brands, like high-fashion brands,” he said, as he sported his Balenciaga backpack, and the gold Versace bracelet on his wrist. Ata says he doesn’t have many “rules” he follows when it comes to how he dresses. “I don’t have a specific name for my style, I think I just have a unique style for [myself].”

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