CNC routers can operate with accuracy for long periods of time, but things inevitably wear out. Check out the best online sources for CNC router parts to fix or upgrade your beloved machines.

A computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-guided cutting machine used for cutting a wide variety of materials, such as wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic, among others.

Routers can vary in size from large industrial machines of up to six meters long, filling an entire room, all the way down to desktop CNC routers that can operate beside your PC with a direct connection.

For more information on available desktop and kit CNC routers, check out our guide on the best CNC router kits.

But what happens when your router cutting tools wear out or you need different materials to produce your desired products? Then you’ll need a dedicated parts supplier. For a list of the best, read on! Some will be expected, but others will be new to many CNC router owners.

For the purposes of this article, each site will be compared and contrasted according to the following criteria:

Amazon is well-known as the world’s largest e-commerce company. It is widely seen as a great platform to sell products on, leading to a wide network of suppliers and smaller manufacturers offering their products through the site.

CNCShop is an affiliated division of AXYZ, an industrial router and waterjet cutter manufacturer. CNCShop handles all of the after-sales services for AXYZ.

Carbide 3D is a small engineering and product design company based in Torrance, California that manufactures CNC routers. Some of their desktop machines come in kit form, filling a gap in their product range between their 3D printers and larger-scale CNC machines.

Ooznest is a Cambridge-based manufacturer with specialties in CNC machining and routing as well as in 3D printing. A key aim of theirs is to enhance the maker experience and offer home-based engineering to a wider range of people.

Cutter Shop was formed in 2006 with the sole purpose of selling CNC tools and accessories. They have a wide range of router cutters, collets, and accessories specifically tailored towards CNC routers. They are additionally the UK and European distributors for Vortex tools, specializing in solid carbide, replaceable tips, and custom tools.

Titman started out in a backstreet shed in London and has grown into a worldwide brand, providing precision-made industrial tooling. From 1973 to the present day, they’ve supplied long-lasting and durable cutting tools, with 99% of all of the TCT tooling available made by Titman in Clacton, UK.

3 Flutes End Mill For Aluminum

With operations in 30 countries and an online presence in over 100 countries, eBay has a wide variety of goods and services available through their site.

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