The ancient Egyptians revered them as gods, and the Pilgrims thought they danced with the devil. Whether omens or idols worthy of worship, black cats have garnered attention throughout history.

Nowadays, you’ll find black cats appearing all over the place in pop culture, mostly as comic relief. Some of these more famous felines include Salem from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," or Thackery Binx from the Halloween cult classic "Hocus Pocus."

National Black Cat Day is Oct. 27, and to get you in the spirit this spooky season, here are our top-13 Instagram-famous black cats you need to follow no matter how you feel about the feline's controversial color. Call it superstition, but you may want to check out these accounts before Halloween.

This "formerly feral kitten" is now an "apartment ornament," according to his Instagram bio. Spot is based in San Diego and loves to entertain with clever captions and funny faces on his feed.

With more than half a million followers, Nathan is one of the more famous felines on our list. This black cat based in Australia loves the great outdoors and -- as his handle suggests -- even the beach!

Don't look so shocked Nath, nobody asked you to put your face near your dad's armpit